Real Life Logical Fallacies

There are many, many examples of people, especially politicians, who use logical fallacies to further their own agenda and while I doubt he is the most prolific abuser of logical fallacies, it is undeniable that his use isn’t extraordinary in it’s own way. So I will try to find as many logical fallacies Donald Trump has used in his life. So without further ado…

Equivocation and Ad Hominem

See the source imageWhat a splendid quote this is, even better he managed to use two fallacies in a single sentence. Firstly Equivocation which, in case you’re unaware, means the use of ambiguous terms in order to disguise meaning. Specifically here the use of the word ‘satisfy’ to place the idea of running the United States of America as requiring the same skills as ‘satisfying’ ones husband. In addition the less powerful but still noticeable use of an Ad Hominin to attack Clinton as a person rather than as a politician.

Argumentum Ad Verecundium/

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Argumentum Ad Verecundium literally translates to ‘an argument from authority’ which is very clear once you look at this quote, a report from an anonymous stranger is definitely not an authority that should be believed. More likely the report isn’t even from an authority on the matter and even if it was that doesn’t provide validity to the claim.

Argument ad misericordiam, Argument ad ignorantiam and Ad Hominin

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There’s just so much to unpack here so firstly you can clearly see the use of Ad Hominin when he calls the reporter a ‘CNN part time wannabe journalist’ clearly simply attacking him. Secondly an Argument ad ignorantiam simply means an argument from ignorance where since one thing can’t be proved wrong it is therefore true, shown when he asks for proof that he didn’t suffer from voter fraud. Finally is the Argument ad misericordiam which is the argument from pity which is when Trump wants you to feel pity and support him because he claims he’s a victim of voter fraud.

Truthfully this could carry on indefinitely but I fear the humour found in the first few would slowly sink down to misery and depression with the realisation of not only how flagrantly he commits logical fallacies but with the knowledge that people actually believe them.