Would I take the red pill or the blue pill (Matrix)

I think the answer to this question is obvious. In Neo’s position taking the red pill is obviously the moral answer, freeing humanity from it’s blissful ignorance and waking them up to the harsh truth of reality, even if real life is horrible, it would be my duty to give everyone else the choice between freedom and uncertainty or happiness and beauty. By taking the blue pill you not only accept the status quo of your world but you also deny anyone else of rejecting it. However, if the choice of pills was choosing which reality to live in, the crumbling ruins of society and the matrix I would almost definitely choose the blue pill as I wouldn’t be able to accept that freedom is better than the matrix if freedom means living in misery.


One thought on “Would I take the red pill or the blue pill (Matrix)

  1. I wonder whether you are setting up a bit of a false dilemma here, Lucas? The choice is between reality and unreality, not between different competing versions of reality. I suppose that it if both realities were equally the case then, of course, it would make sense to choose the blue pill. However, as you seem to acknowledge, ‘freedom’ seems in some way linked to knowing the truth. Happiness is something we will come on to look at when we deal with Emotion as a Way of Knowing- but it sounds to me that you might disagree with Mill when we says, ‘Better a discontented Socrates than a contented pig’!


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